Visit Oregon

Visit Oregon is a online community sharing information about travel, leisure, and relocating to Oregon. The site features original articles, photography, and stunning video productions.

The Problem

After decades of the top-level domain sitting dormant, the Visit Oregon domain name became available. While the domain is what’s considered a top-level domain, there had never been a website developed upon it. Visit Oregon needed a complete brand buildout including logo, branding guide, WordPress website, and long-term search engine optimization plan.

The Solution


The Oregon Web Solutions team partnered with the domain owners to develop the top-level domain. The project started with logo design and branding. Once completed, the website build out was in full swing. Now, over 40 pages of unique content has been created and published. The search engine optimization strategy has been implemented and the community is beginning to grow.
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After 8 months and starting from 0 rankings, Visit Oregon now ranks for 751 keywords and 27 of those are already in the top 10 spots and continuing to grow. 


After 8 months and starting from 0 traffic, Visit Oregon is now getting 160 visitors a month and continuing to grow. That is technically 15,900% Growth in 8 months.

The Results

New Logo &
WordPress Website

50+ Website Pages of
Unique Content

Consistent Increase in
Organic Traffic

Customers Says...

Visit Oregon has been a long-term project that’s been in the works for more than 10-years. Partnering with Oregon Web Solutions on the website buildout, content development, and search engine optimization has proven to be a smart decision. The website looks fantastic and the growth rate is beyond what we could have expected. Looking forward to continued growth and success. 

Aaron Clark – Owner



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Seth and his team have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have worked with this company for about two years now and my questions have always been answered patiently and thoroughly. They have gone the extra step to take care of me and make me feel valued on several occasions. I cannot say enough about this place. If you’re shopping around, definitely take the time to consult with Oregon Web Solutions.

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Tobias N.

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