Solar Industry Marketing

Clean, green energy is gaining traction! There’s a burgeoning interest among homeowners and businesses to adopt solar solutions. However, the competition to secure solar leads has intensified.

Your marketing needs to stand out and deliver.

Addressing Your Solar Marketing Challenges

Residential Solar

The dynamic world of home solar demands agility and intelligence. Collaborate with our seasoned solar marketing crew to employ data-driven marketing campaigns and structures that help you grow seamlessly.

Commercial Solar

It's vital to collaborate with an agency that's well-versed in the specific challenges of commercial and B2B solar projects. With Oregon Web Solutions, tap into our experience of working with leading solar brands to spearhead significant ventures.

Solar Backup

Want to enhance your sale's value? Products like Tesla Powerwall and Enphase battery solutions are enabling installers to uplift customer value. We're adept at handling the intricacies of marketing these storage solutions, ensuring more conversions.

Solar Financing

Harness our proficiency across renewables, technology, and finance. If you're aiming to collaborate with more solar enterprises, we are here to sharpen your approach in acquiring renewable energy clientele.

Community Solar

Community solar needs a distinctive marketing touch. We bring to the table a rich blend of expertise and understanding to bolster your community solar venture's marketing objectives.

Beyond Solar

We don’t limit ourselves to solar. Our vast experience in the broader renewable energy realm can fine-tune your strategies, guaranteeing success.

Solar Success Stories

We’re not just about promises. Our solar marketing specialists have an impressive track record of crafting lucrative campaigns for leading national installers. We’ve made our mark across all key markets, propelling companies towards profit-driven growth.
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Based on 50+ Reviews

Wesley H.
Wesley H.Portland, Oregon
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I hired Seth and Matt at Oregon Web Solutions to build me a new website and give me 6 months of their online marketing & SEO to help give us a boost in Google and maybe get us some new leads. The results we got exceed my expectations and we have been consistently getting 10-20 new calls a month ever since which has landed us more than a few new jobs. I am very happy with the results we have gotten with them.
Territorial Seed Company
Territorial Seed CompanyPortland, Oregon
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Oregon Web Solutions helped us with keyword research to optimize our blog. Both Matt & Seth were extremely responsive and helpful. They went above and beyond what we were expecting. You can really tell that they have a great understanding of what they do and that they really love doing it! We would highly recommend working with them.
Gary Paul Richards
Gary Paul RichardsBusiness broker
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“I have a service business that had some vexing Google problems. Oregon Web Solutions went behind the scenes and solved the long-standing obstacles to growth. Then they proceeded to help me move up the organic rankings, and I'm now getting calls from prospective clients who start by saying things like, “I saw your ratings, and I'd like to talk with you about valuing and selling my business.” On top of that, I can talk to Seth and Matt any time I want to! Highly recommended!"
Michael Shurtleff
Michael ShurtleffPortland, Oregon
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I am a small business owner and Oregon Web Solutions built a website for me. They did a good job of creating a custom website that matched what I already envisioned rather than pushing me to an out-of-the-box template. They have also been very responsive to requests for changes and updates to the website.
Berenice Madison
Berenice MadisonPortland, Oregon
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These guys are top notch SEO's who helped my firm get the Google map pack rankings we needed. I'm not sure how they do it, but my listing quickly moved into the #1 position. if you want to rank higher in Google hire Oregon Web Solutions.
Tobias N.
Tobias N.Portland, Oregon
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Seth and his team have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have worked with this company for about two years now and my questions have always been answered patiently and thoroughly. They have gone the extra step to take care of me and make me feel valued on several occasions. I cannot say enough about this place. If you’re shopping around, definitely take the time to consult with Oregon Web Solutions.
Josiah Stromstad
Josiah StromstadPortland, Oregon
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Oregon Web Solutions has been instrumental in helping our business grow. We decided to work with them because of their passion help others succeed. The attention to detail provided more structure and growth in areas we were missing as a company. Easy to work with, significant results and a solid team behind you. Highly recommend this company.
Tucker Epp
Tucker EppPortland, Oregon
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Before hiring with Oregon Web Solutions we were working with a very large corporate SEO company. Communication was pretty terrible, we were overpaying for the services, and the end product was not very good.
We dropped them pretty quickly and I reached out to OWS to have them take on our site. I have been very impressed with the work done by the guys at Oregon Webb Solutions. I have gotten the privilege of working with Matt on our websites, and he could not be better at what he does. He quickly answers any questions I have, and gives me many tips on how I can best optimize our content for SEO. On top of the amazing customer service, Matt and the team has been able to produce amazing results with our websites' SEO. It has been well worth the investment. I can not recommend Oregon Web Solutions enough!

Effective Search Ads

Position your brand right where potential solar clients are looking. Delivering pertinent search ads ensures you’re their top choice when they’re ready to make the switch.

  • Engage with customers prepared to purchase.
  • Access real-time analytics and conversion data.
  • Adjust leads according to your installation capacity.

Let’s strategize to connect you with customers armed with data and purchase intent.

Boost Your Online Visibility

The majority of purchasers rely on online searches before making a decision. As potential clients mull over solar, ensure your brand provides the answers. Establish enduring organic lead sources that not only elevate your brand but also bolster your revenue.

Oregon Web solutions Marketing Edge

At Oregon Web Solutions, we don’t just build brands; we scale them. We devise marketing systems that are not just intuitive but also align with your business objectives, ensuring tangible results.

Solar Companies We Have Worked With

Impressed by What You See?

Let Oregon Web Solutions recreate this success for you. Reach out today for a no-obligation marketing review.


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