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Brett’s Cell Phone Repair

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Sherilyn Colby

Holistic Business Expert

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Jason Johnson

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Audrey Knippa

“Amazing!!! These guys know SEO! Great to work with and they are extremely passionate about their work. I highly recommend them!!!”

Jennifer Visser Harper

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Gary Paul Richards

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Resort Marketing

Resort marketing

Improving Your Resort Marketing

Whenever people hear of the word luxury, they think about prestige and class. If your hotel is meant to offer such service, it should do exactly that in all aspects, from the service to the marketing. Make sure that your values are everywhere since these are the characteristics that differentiate your hotel from other types of resorts.

Luxury resort marketing is all about being resourceful, dynamic, and fresh. People visit a luxury resort to gain a different experience from the one they are usually accustomed to. Hence, it’s important to ensure that you go above and beyond in meeting or exceeding their expectations. You obviously need to be on high gear and alert to market trends that can influence marketability of the resort and engage more customers. This means creating attractions and gaining interest in the different services that you are offering in your resort. You should employ travel professionals on your marketing team to ensure you are meeting your business goals. The following are just but a few tips that can help you achieve stellar results in luxury resort marketing and advertising:

  1. Optimizing Online Presence for your Resort

In this technologically advanced era, people are directly influenced by what they come across online. Therefore it’s important to have an aggressive online digital marketing platform that pushes the services you are offering in your luxury resort. The days of slacking and relying on word of mouth are long gone, it’s an age of quality products and services that meet the expectations of the customers. Your resorts marketing team should have a cohesive digital marketing plan to ensure your online marketing efforts are enhancing your online presence – not hindering it.

Most of the customers use a variety of search engines and social media platforms to enquire different resorts and hotels they can vacation in during different seasons of the year. This means that you cannot only rely on general search engine result pages (SERP), but also engage the services of SEO (search engine optimization) to increase your luxury resort’s visibility online. Therefore, use special resort keywords that customers commonly use while searching for luxury resorts and incorporate them on your website for easier search and access by potential customers.

Moreover, the availability of mobile devices has led to an upsurge in the use of social media platforms. Through these platforms you can ramp up your resort marketing and you can engage more people without limiting the capacity of your imagination in creating enthralling captions that leave the customers wanting more. This enables your resort to stand out from the rest taking into consideration market dynamics.

2. Simple, Organized, and Beautiful Website Design

People are attracted with first glance impressions. Therefore, make sure that you create a stylish, luxurious, and good-looking website for your resort. This is a crucial part of resort marketing because it can mean the difference between a successful and a poor website. Make sure that your website has that wow factor to attract first time visitors. However, beautiful doesn’t mean complicated.

Website design should be simple and well organized with drop down menus indicating the type of services offered. The imagery should be clear and precise, distinguishing the pull factors of the website and leading the customer to experience the fear of missing out (FOMO). All the features of the website should be built towards pleasing the customer aesthetically and engaging them to book reservations.

3. Customer Retention and Marketing

success with resort marketing onlineOnce a customer has booked reservations with your resort, it’s important to engage in a variety of customer retention practices. When sending emails to these customers, make sure that they include attractive taglines rather than the direct confirmation message. Welcome the customer with a warm message, such as ‘Hello Mr. John Doe, thank you for placing a reservation with us, let us serve you the best we can to the moon and back’. The salutation and cheeky remarks can form a baseline for the customer’s experience and truly enhance your resort marketing. You can include a drop down menu of additional activity packages with attractive captioning to make the customers aware of the activities that they might engage in while staying at the resort.

After the customer has completed their stay at the resort, create follow up emails monthly or bi –weekly. This allows the resort to maintain contact with the customers informing them on the different services and activities taking place in your hotel. Sometimes, the customer just needs a little nudge or reminder to make them come back to your resort.

4. Custom Packages for the Right Target Audience

Different customers have different tastes and financial power and you want to make sure your resort marketing is targeting all. They are those who might prefer the finer things in life and those who prefer to enjoy the experience of something new at favorable prices. Therefore, when launching marketing campaigns diversify the packages you may include two or three different packages. They might include the executive, premium and economical packages with different price ranges.

The Executive package should cater for the high end space of the resort which will include the presidential suites and VIP services. Subsequently, charging higher prices which are some of the niches that may prove attractive to that package. Whereas, the Economic package may provide couple and group offers allowing customers to have a great experience at affordable rates. These form of marketing will ensure the target markets are accessed effectively ensuring the reputation of the resort is solid with a touch of class in everything that is processed within the resort by offering a package in-between the two that sample tastes from both worlds for a relative price which is the premium package.

5. Unique Marketing Strategies During Peak Seasons

With resort marketing, it’s important to always portray the aura of control and diversity. Therefore, during peak seasons of the resort, formulate unique strategies that attract more customers and do not rely on reduction of prices on services and products rather invent new ways of attracting clients. For example, you may introduce a marginal percentage cut on new customers to your resort as a first time offer only increasing the customer base and performing customer retention practices to keep the acquired customers.

Moreover, it’s important during the high season to increase the resort marketing budget in order to allow the public relations department of your resort to add resources. This can enable the acquisition of scheduling bots that allow you to process guests depending on their availability and tastes effectively and efficiently.

6. Engage with Local Partners

It’s important to be conscious of the surrounding business environment since they are the ones directly bordering your institution; therefore, it’s important to be in good books with them. In fact, knowing your neighbors can decrease your advertising and resort marketing costs in the long run.

It’s pretty obvious that when some guests may want to move around after booking a place at your luxury hotel. Partnering with your neighbors allows you to give the customer more. For example, if there’s a vineyard near your resort, you can offer the first few guests to arrive a free tour of the vineyard as part of the luxury experience. You can split the marketing costs for such an endeavor between you and the owners of the ‘wine farm.’resort marketing location

7. Market the Resort Location

One crucial factor that people consider whenever they want to take a vacation is location. For most luxury travelers, they prefer a calm and beautiful place away from a lot of noise. Therefore, as you market your resort, use its location as a unique selling point.

For example if your resort is located in Hawaii, introduce the things associated with this location. Talk about the huge waves, sandy beaches, and the tropical weather that is bound to grab the attention of the customers. Mentioning desirable features associated with the location can give your luxury resort an edge in capturing the attention of customers.

8. Customer Satisfaction is Paramount

You can perform great marketing and retention techniques, but it all comes down to the way the customers are handled. The workers within your resort should be well trained in customer first principles. They should be able to deal with the different types of customers.

Unlike the other items on this list, the marketing here is indirect. You give customers the best luxury experience hoping that they can do the same for you in terms of reviews. This is because some people like to read online reviews about a place before they go there. Therefore, if your customers enjoyed the experience, they are likely to spread the word, and you may get more visitors.

9. Loyalty Programs

Another great way to market your luxury resort is to use reward programs. Your visitors can be very unforgiving if you don’t show them appreciation. The hospitality industry tends to be quite competitive. Therefore, always remember that your visitors have other options.

You can make sure that your visitors always return by awarding them loyalty points every time they come to your place. They can redeem those points to get huge discounts and save on the next vacation. Such a program also increases chances of word of mouth referrals; therefore, you might get more visitors in the long run.

10. Remarket

You might have a simple beautiful website that gets lots of new visitors every day. However, when you look at the number of bookings, you realize that they have been very few. If that’s the case, you need to remarket your luxury resort over and over again.

A smart technique that you can use is retargeting. The thing with most people is that they are easily distracted. They might have opened the booking link, but before they wrote down their details, something distracted them, and they closed the page. A retargeted ad appears even after the visitor goes to another site. It can remind the visitor about the booking and make them return to your site to complete the process.

11.Immerse Visitors in the Experience

Whenever you market a luxury resort, remember that you are selling people an experience to last them a life time. This starts with the website. Don’t just tell visitors the types of rooms available, show them.

You can use give them a virtual tour of the different rooms from your website. Invest in 3-d marketing and get an experienced photographer to take 3-dimensional pictures. Once visitors see what the rooms look like, they are more likely to make a booking out of the fear of not missing out.


Resorts are all about creating memorable experiences for customers rather than just offering them a place to sleep for few days. They are all about creating unforgettable experiences through activities that more or less are not available anywhere else. Take advantage of the mentioned techniques to let visitors know that this is what you have to offer and entice them to come to your hotel.

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Resort Marketing

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