Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Instantly appear at the top of Google search results with Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Pay-Per-click or PPC for short allows you to laser target the most valuable keywords for your business on Google Search and Display Network. Pay-Per-Click Ads are perfect for small businesses and medium sized companies who are looking to bring in customer leads and grow quickly.

How It Works

Instantly appear at the top of Google’s Search Rankings with Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services. PPC as it’s known for short, is a paid marketing service that drives high-quality “ready to buy” visitors to your website. Oregon Web Solutions makes setting up your first Pay-Per-Click Campaign easy by handling the entire process for you. Our team of Pay-Per-Click experts will first do Keyword Research to determine the most profitable keywords for your advertisement. Then, our team of writers will craft the perfect SEO optimized ad copy for your PPC campaign as well as campaign kickoff and ongoing management. 
If you’re interested in setting up your first Google Pay-Per-Click campaign or would like to learn more about getting started with our marketing services then request your Free Website Analysis and marketing quote today!

Pay-Per-Click Ads FAQ:

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?
A paid online advertising strategy which allows you to promote your business by placing text based ads across the web and in Google search.
What is the minimum budget for Pay-Per-Click Ads?
We recommend a monthly budget of at least $1000 in advertising spend.
Do people click on Pay Per Click Ads?
Yes, the text based ads that appear in the Google Search results receive more than 45% of all the page clicks.
What determines my Pay-Per-Click Costs?
The cost of your campaign depends on serveral factors including bids, impressions, and clicks and the quality of your ad.

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