Precise customer targeting

Geofencing Campaigns

Target Customers with a Virtual Geographical Boundary

Geofencing gives you the ability to target potential customers based on geography. By tracing a virtual “geofence” around a physical location or event to build your audience. Customers entering the geo-fence are added to your target audience.

Precise Customer Targeting

Proximity & Location Based

GPS & RFID Enabled Software


Geofencing Campaigns Include:

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Customer Geographic Research

Identify the best physical locations to segment and target your potential clients or customers. 

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Audience Building & Analysis

Using the virtual boundary created with the geofrence, we can build a highly targeted audiance


Geofencing Campaign Setup & Management

We provide a turnkey geofencing campaign setup and management. 


Analytics & Reporting

Gain valuable insights into user behavior, traffic sources and other metrics to inform your marketing strategy. 

Geo Fencing

What is geofencing? In simple terms, geofencing is a location-based digital marketing tool that allows businesses to engage with smartphone users in a defined geographic area. Think of it as creating a virtual boundary around a specific location, like your favorite bookstore.

Geofencing allows businesses to reach the right audience at the right time, enhancing the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. It’s all about proximity and relevancy, the key ingredients to boost engagement.

When choosing Oregon Web Solutions, we can provide you with:


Increased Website Traffic


Better User Experience


Increased Brand Credibility


Higher Conversion Rates


Measurable Results

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Geofencing Marketing Campaign


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