Effective Marketing Strategies for General Contractors – A Comprehensive Insight to contractor marketing

Construction is a labor-intensive occupation. It involves a ton of paperwork, numerous legal requirements, and complex management and coordination services. All this gets in the way of marketing. However, considering all the opportunities popping up in real estate, as well as the rising competition, contractor marketing is now simply indispensable.

Unsurprisingly, most contractors do not know how to handle their marketing. This comprehensive contractor marketing guide will get you up to date on the most effective strategies for general contractor marketing.

Construction businesses, by their very nature, are labor intensive and marketing is usually the last thing considered.

Between giving quotes, going on jobs, completing jobs, and acquiring new customers, there seems to be little to no time to plan out a solid marketing strategy that can increase your reach to potential customers while engaging your current customers.

While construction businesses operate differently from other businesses, a planned and well-researched marketing strategy is still imperative to your business’ success and should be at the core of every effort to connect with new customers and grow your business.


Marketing in the construction and general contracting industry is slightly different from marketing for other business types.

One advantage of being a general contractor is that you can get before and after pictures from your clients in order to promote the quality and success of your work. This is part of what will help you properly Market in the construction industry. It doesn't just help you with gaining new clients, it can also help you with partnerships when it comes to referrals from other businesses or creating an affiliate program with other businesses who are in a complementary industry.

a picture of contracting marketing


There are many options that contractors have when it comes to advertising. One of the best ways is by getting a website and getting your business and information online. It's important to remember that a website alone will not just bring in new business for your contracting company.

Another good option for contractors to advertise their business is by going to trade shows. There are many options that you can choose from when it comes to attending a trade show and getting a booth at one. But, what you want to remember is that not all trade shows are created equal.

It's important to ask questions as far as the cost of the booth in relation to how much foot traffic will be coming through the trade show. If you find that the trade show seems to have more speakers on their stage than attendees who are walking through it, then it may not be the best option for your business at this moment.


picture of a contractorRemember that marketing strategies for contractors

isn’t just about having a good website or nice business cards. They are both important, but not where things end.

A good marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that reminds people of who you are and what you do by using small impressions that create a large impact.

In the marketing world, there is a saying that it takes anywhere from seven to 15 times for a person to see an advertisement to have a response and sign up for the service that they viewed through your advertisements.

With that in mind, it's important to make sure that your marketing strategy is considering all aspects of your business in any way, shape, or form that people may come across it.

Things like your logo, a wrap design for your company vehicle, flyers and signage that you use when you're handing out information in the community. All of these are part of a smart contractor marketing strategy and should be well planned and executed before you move on to the next stage – using other outlets to Market your business.


One of the key strategies in marketing your contractor business will be utilizing digital ads through social media.

Online ads can increase your business significantly when done the correct way. It's important to remember that using ads online as a contracting company should be done with great care and planning. If you've never worked with social media ads before, then it's imperative to hire a professional who has worked with an online advertising campaign within the contractor industry.


Other marketing ideas you can use in order to bring your contractor services to a wider audience include email marketing, video content, and personalize interviews with past customers.

These are some ways that contracting companies are using in order to promote their business in a new way. As we move along in this article, you will see more ideas to utilize in your new marketing plan.

Marketing a contracting company is not hard, but it should be planned and thought out thoroughly. Use some of these suggestions, do your research, and understand what direction will work best for your business.


a picture of general contractor marketingThere are thousands of contractors in the construction industry. However, only a handful of these contractors are popular. Their brands undoubtedly have something to do with this.

A brand is the face of your business. It is what your clients identify with. It represents your business’ virtues, beliefs, and so much more. Consequently, it is also a pivot point for any marketing strategy, including contractor marketing. As such, it is prudent to begin by building the ideal brand for your business. You will need to take several factors into consideration including an image that represents your business, a motto to go with it, values and virtues that you stand for, and more. You should also take a personal brand into consideration if you are an independent contractor.

Your audience will identify better with your brand than it will identify with you or just simply a business name. You can consequently expect more leads from your other contractor marketing strategies.


Marketing Ideas

Most businesses have found a way to operate online. The construction industry, however, is an exception – it is entirely physical. However, contractors can still use the internet to market their services online.

The internet offers a variety of effective contractor marketing channels – all you need is the ideal platform:

  • Build a Website

When you decide to get a website for your contracting business, you will want to choose a professional designer who can help you plan out your website according to online marketing strategy – also known as digital marketing. This will help you have a website that brings in clients by getting the information on your website in front of the people who need it the most.

Every professional business needs a website – it is like your very own entry in a vast virtual directory. Your website speaks for your business. You can use it to list the products and services you offer in a detailed manner. It can also function as a receptionist whereby your clients can hire your services directly through the website.

It is not enough to just get a website – you will need a website that outranks your competitors’ websites. As such, ensure that you get the best web design services for your website and utilize the best SEO strategies to ensure that you rank at the top of search results.

  • Embrace Social Media

We touched on this subject above and spoke about social media advertisements. But, that is not all social media sites/platforms are good for. Social media is taking over communication. Billions of people around the world communicate on social media sites such as Facebook, and Twitter every day. For marketers, this creates an opportunity to meet large audiences at scalable levels starting with small localities to a global basis.

Contractor marketing on social media is effective as your ads are seen by real people who may just be in need of them. What’s more, you can target your audience more precisely to reach people who may actually be interested in what you have to offer. Finally, it is an interactive way to market as your audience can offer honest feedback, thus helping you modify and improve your products and services.

You will need professional social media pages for your construction business on all major social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is also advisable to hire professional social media marketing services for more successful leads.

  • Video Ads are a Hit

A majority of people would prefer watching a video based on a book to actually reading the book. The same is the case with adverts nowadays – video adverts are more popular than written pieces. They are much more engaging and illustrative. Additionally, they can be fun and enjoyable, thus helping generate more leads. What’s more, you do not have to pay astronomical fees to have your videos featured on TV – you always have video sharing sites such as YouTube.

YouTube gets billions of visitors every day, so your video ads will get great exposure. What’s more, YouTube offers a wide range of features such as geo-targeting, so you can get the most out of your contractor marketing efforts.


As mentioned earlier, construction is entirely physical. In fact, it can be described as dirty. To this end, there is no better way to showcase your skills than by getting your hands dirty. There are two popular options to consider here:

  • Engage in Social Services

Construction makes up a significant part of the public infrastructure, and it is usually never enough. To this end, your services may be needed in upcoming charity events. As such, be on the lookout and volunteer for any charity events in your area that will require your services. Make sure that you make your presence known by doing an excellent job.

This way you can help nurture confidence and trust in your business from members of your community and get more leads. Besides, you have a moral obligation to contribute to the embitterment of your community as a (potential) business leader.

  • Go Into Partnerships

Everyone needs some help to get by especially in an industry as competitive as construction. Considering the nature of this industry, your partnerships should be strategic.

Experts recommend partnering with interested third-parties who are not in competition with you. For instance, you can partner with construction materials suppliers and have them spread the word about your services to their customers. Essentially, make strategic partnerships with other businesses also looking for partnerships and have something to bring to the table.

You can also go an extra mile to combine forces with other contractors if your pool of resources is not enough – major construction companies are merging and putting smaller contractors out of business in the process.


There are numerous opportunities to exploit in the construction industry. However, most of these opportunities are only accessible to the few contractors who successfully engage in contractor marketing. As such, take some time off your busy schedule to come up with the ideal contractor marketing strategy for your business. The tips in this guide have been tested and proven to work optimally and will put you ahead of the competition.


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