Get More Customers Using Facebook, Instagram & Paid Advertising Strategies

Do you want to accelerate your business with a consistent and predictable revenue stream every month?

Of course you do! Stop wasting money on ineffective and outdated advertising methods and start growing your profits with advertising that actually works. 

Social media sites like Facebook & Instagram have become an essential took for driving and retaining new business. 

At Oregon Web Solutions, we are not your average “marketing” agency.

We throw out the fancy jargon and fluffy tactics (and the price tag that comes with it) and and focus on one thing: making sure you have significantly more customers today than you did yesterday.

Don’t take a backseat to the success of your business…

It’s As Simple As 1,2,3…

Drive in New Customer Prospects Using Proven Online Strategies

Convert Those Potential Customers Into Paying Customers

Turn Those Happy Paying Customers Into Lifelong Raving Fans

“Chelsea from Oregon Web does an excellent job all the time. I’m consistently impressed with the ideas she brings to the table…Constantly and consistently optimizing ad sets to drive the best performance for our clients. I trust her whole heartedly when it comes to managing Facebook ads and would highly recommend her “

Does this sound like you?

“I don’t know if what I’m doing is even working….”

“I don’t know if i’m reaching the right people….”

“Sometimes I feel like I’m flushing my marketing dollars

down the toilet…”


If this sounds like you, doing what you’re doing immediately!

Look,  any one of your staff members can put up mindless “posts” on social media.

But we know that the lifeblood of any business is in its ability to get people to actually pull out their wallets.

Not the amount of “likes” you get on a post.

Here is a hard truth, without a steady increase in paying customers, your business will be extinct.

But a constant flow of new customers is not enough, the key to a long-term successful business is its ability to also retain its customer base.

At Oregon Web Solutions, we have been helping businesses like yours grow their customer base and turn them into raving fans for over 5 years.

Meet your new hands on advertising team

Copywriter & Wordsmith

Not sure how to talk about your business online without it sounding forced? Don’t worry, we got you. We will help you clarify a compelling and effective message.

Graphic Designer & Video Strategist

Feel like you are using the same dry images or over and over? Let us help you create compelling and show-stopping creative elements for your advertising that will pop out of the over-crowded social media landscape.

Day to Day Ads Manager

Overwhelmed by all of the possibilities for advertising online? Let us untangle that knot for you. We will be your day in and day out advertising professional here to manage your hard earned dollars and deliver you results on the best platform for your business.

Chelsea & the Oregon Web Team Untangle Business Knots!

“Between promoting the restaurant, event management, and some budding retail concepts, the practical application of Chelsea’s skills  & strategy was the connective tissue I was missing to get real and move forward with my business.  I cannot recommend her services enough!”

We Specialize In Helping Local Businesses Generate More Customers, Such As…


Goodbye “off season”. Drive in more daily customers and boost the overall profile of your restaurant using highly effective targeting methods that get people in, with retargeting methods that keep them coming back, even during slow seasons.


Don’t sit back, we help you take a hands on approach to positioning your gym in the right place when people are looking to take that step. We help you implement highly effective & proven strategies for achieving a consistent flow of new members & retaining old ones.

Service Based Businesses

In today’s world, the success of any local business will hinge on it’s ability to compete online.  Let us help you position your business in the right place, with the right message and at the right time for a constant flow of new business. 

Hey, I’m Chelsea Morrisey.

Head of Paid Advertising at Oregon Web Solutions.

I am passionate about the power of paid advertising. So passionate it’s all i do!

This is an exciting time for small businesses. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have opened up incredible opportunities to grow and scale your business. Now more than ever it is possible to reach the right customer, at the right time, with the right message. Using social networks like Facebook and Instagram are an essential for the success of most businesses, yet most business owners don’t have the time or resources to use them to their full potential. Consequently leaving large amounts of money on the table.

At Oregon Web Solutions we have mastered them so you don’t have to. You can entrust us with your marketing budget because it is our business to get you results. Results are what we are driven by. We understand that every dollar that goes into your marketing, needs to return with a profit.

Coming from a small business family, where I’ve seen my mom struggle day in and day out with online promotion I am committed to building a legacy of trust with small business owners – Our team will do everything in our power to produce results.

We look forward to working with you.


Chelsea Morrisey  

Let's give your business the attention it deserves

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