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Small Business Marketing

It’s imperative for small business owners to market their product and brand so they can consistently stay top of mind to potential consumers! Too many small businesses wither away silently because they were unsuccessful in their marketing skills. Consumers can’t buy what they don’t know exists! In addition to the lack of knowledge, consumers won’t take your product seriously if you don’t show them the value in your product.

So, how do you achieve this? Marketing! But wait. . .old school marketing doesn’t yield the same results as it did back in the day. Remember this trick: marketing involves placing your product information in front of the eyes of consumers.

Where are consumers GUARANTEED to be hanging out at today?

On social media, on the Internet and in their emails.

This is what the modern world refers to as “digital marketing”.

Digital marketing is CRUCIAL for the continuing operation and success of a small business. If you do it correctly, you may find yourself being upgraded to a large business or corporation with worldwide acknowledgment.

But, let’s keep things on a smaller scale for the moment.

Here at Oregon Web Solutions, we pride ourselves in helping small businesses thrive. It’s our job to ensure that you know how to carve your way through digital marketing and how it affects your business.

Let’s take a look at why it’s beneficial to work with a digital marketing agency.

1. Digital Marketing Costs Less In the Long Run

Many small businesses shy away from hiring a digital marketing agency for the false belief that it’ll cost them more money in the long run. This is NOT true! It actually costs you less in the long run.

If you hire people within the company to do the marketing for you, that’s a major cost outlay that you will have to pay payroll taxes on. Small businesses need to save costs where they can until they reach that special position within the market where consumers rely on them for their goods and services. That’s when they can easily afford to “get fancy” and hire a marketing team within its own walls.

To further add to this thought, if you hire a marketing team within your business, not only must you chunk out change for payroll but also for other employee benefits like healthcare insurance. If you choose to hire a digital marketing agency, the cost is MORE than cut in half. The reason for this is digital marketing agencies work as “sub-contractors” and things like benefits and payroll taxes get paid by then. Plus, since digital marketing agencies like Oregon Web Solutions do marketing for many different companies, they take advantage of economies of scale.

2. Hiring a Marketing Agency Allows You To Focus On Running Your Business

Most small businesses don’t have a marketing department. Thus, advertising and marketing behaviors are usually performed by the owner or manager. In most cases, this isn’t the best use of your key employees skillset. Plus, it can be very time consuming and stressful given everything else that needs to be done for daily operations!

An agency will listen to your goals, concerns and details of your business. Once we are educated on the nature of your business and how you wish to market your brand and product, we get to work! Marketing is a craft that agencies do all day long so they are quicker and more efficient about getting results. 

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3. You Can Ask Questions And Seek Advice From Marketing Professionals

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you’re making an investment that ensures the best results for your business. Marketing campaigns require professional research and attention to detail. It involves a careful analysis of the market and how your product fits into the category of consumers’ wants and needs.

Once an accurate analysis is obtained, thorough planning is implemented to create the most effective campaign for your business. This involves strategic marketing tricks for social media platforms and search engine optimization for the company website and other online assets.

Working with the experts means that your working with the best marketing professionals in the business. At Oregon Web Solutions we have nearly a decade of experience working with small business’s across the State of Oregon. We know what works to get you more customers and how to get them quickly. 

4. Digital Marketing Agencies Have Tools & Software That Will Help You Succeed

Do you have the proper tools and expertise to effectively market your company with promising results? If you own a new, small business, you likely don’t. That’s another reason why partnering with an agency can be a great fit. They already have subscriptions to powerful tools like Moz, SEM Rush, Ahrefs and many others. These tools are very powerful and in most cases not affordable for small business owners. By partnering with a agency you get access to these powerful tools that can track your performance, numbers and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

If the numbers are low, they know how to tweak the marketing campaigns to get better results. Some of the necessary tools needed for professional marketing include analytics, strategic keywords, special automation tools, thorough research of competitors and in-depth search tools. The costs for these tools add up and can get very expensive. Fortunately, marketing agencies have these resources available for your benefit. Why not hand the digital marketing responsibility over to them and save yourself money and time?

Your goal is to produce high quality products or services; the agency’s goal is to effectively show consumers the value in your product or services.

5. Digital Marketing Agencies Understand the Importance of Claiming and Owning Your Niche

Vague, watered-down marketing does NOT showcase the value in your product. If you get on social media and state something like, “Are you hungry? Come eat our sandwiches! We make the best in town!”

Oh really? Do you think that statement will bring people to your restaurant? It might. However, it most likely will NOT. It’s not specific. What makes your sandwiches different from everyone else’s sandwiches in town?

Our staff at Oregon Web Solutions know how to navigate the marketing waters in and effective way. We know how to implement market segmentation for the best results in advertising your product. From there, the target market is discovered, and we position your brand to take advantage of this. Once the target market is determined, we work carefully by your side to craft an advertising plan that’s specific to that target group. You owe it to yourself to not take this task on by yourself! It can mean the beginning or the ending to your business.

6. Digital Marketing Agencies Keep Your Informed On What’s Working

Hiring a digital marketing agency does not mean that you never hear from them and have very little to do with the process. Clients are heavily involved with the planning and ideas for marketing their business. After all, it IS the client’s business!

You can expect to receive monthly reports that showcase the health of your advertising campaign. You’ll gain important information that’ll help you improve areas of your business and operations that will pull in more consumers. It only takes one bad marketing decision to send a business into a tailspin. No consumers, no revenue, no business. This reports can give you valuable insights that you otherwise would not have known. These insights can mean big breakthroughs for your business.

Therefore, agencies must stay in continuous communication with their clients to ensure that proper business decisions are being made and implemented to improve performance.

7. Working With An Agency Can Help Your Refine Your Own Process

If you run your business with the belief that you know everything you are going to miss out on learning new things. Working with a marketing agency will give you insights into how to be more efficient and productive with your internal staff.

You may have one of those light bulb moments when a digital marketer mentions an idea that seemingly stood in front of you all along. In many cases, you may be doing a process the hard way or failing at something all together. Great companies are often made by people combining their ideas and learning from one another. Agencies like Oregon Web Solutions have decades of experience refining their tactics, and when we work with clients they often learn to implement some of these streamlined processes that we use.

Let’s Sum Up Small Business Marketing!

We live in a time period where digital marketing is more important than ever. The general public is constantly glued to computerized technology whether it’s smartphones, computers, tablets and more. You can’t walk through a store without observing other people walk around with the smartphones in hand.

While traditional marketing techniques still work, they don’t work NEARLY as well as digital marketing techniques. For your small business, you’ll want a great website, email lists and effective social media platforms in order to find true success today.

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Here at Oregon Web Solutions, we are experts in helping your bring in more leads and customers from your website. Our goal is to give you higher Google rankings on search engines such and more targeted website traffic. What good is your business website is nobody goes to it?

We have the marketing tools and software to propel your small business in the right direction. Let us take the worry off your shoulders so you can focus on the business and day-to-day operations. We can build a customized marketing campaign that’ll showcase the value of your product or service.

In the end, you’ll end up saving TONS of money while pulling in more traffic to your digital platform and to your business. There’s no need to worry about hiring and training a in house marketing team. Instead, partnering with us will take a heavy burden off your shoulders. You can focus on doing what you do best while we handle the rest.

Free Marketing & SEO Analysis…

Interested in learning more? We make the process easy! Simply click the link below to claim your free website analysis:

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Seth Morrisey

Seth Morrisey is the President and Co-Founder of Oregon Web Solutions. Seth has more than a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry and is a noted lecturer and teacher on local marketing tactics.

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