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We use proven marketing strategies that drive traffic & leads directly to your website.

Contractor SEO Includes:

Search Engine Optimization

Our company provides world-class SEO services that with safely and effectively improve your visibility online.  As the #1 Search Engine Marketing Agency in the State of Oregon we use only proven search engine optimization and inbound marketing strategies that will drive customers directly to you.

Website Design & Development

When it comes to Google search, WordPress websites preform the best. That's why our web designers focus exclusively on building beautiful customized SEO friendly WordPress websites. Plus, we make the entire process easy by handling all phases of the project so you can focus on your business.

Online Reputation Management

Our Reputation Management services will help improve your reputation online. Customer reviews and feedback are a major factor that influence customer conversion rates and overall trust in your brand. If you need to improve your online reputation or suppress negative reviews, this service is for you.


Our customers report an average of 75% increase in organic traffic to their website.

Increase Exposure

We use proven inbound marketing strategies to increase your websites visibility and exposure online.

Grow Customer Base

We make your website more visible online so you can grow your customer base and expand your business.

Increased Revenue

Watch your company grow from a consistent stream of new customers and leads sent directly to you.

Monthly Reports

We make it easy to track of your progress with daily ranking reports delivered directly to your email.

Worry-Free Contracts

We provide SEO services on a month to month basis so you never feel locked into a contract.

Done In House

Our services are done in house by a team of online marketing experts to ensure the highest possible quality and results.

Market Domination

Our strategy will help you capture multiple first page rankings so you can completely dominate your competition in Google.


At the end of the day it's all about delivering our clients a positive ROI (return on investment) for their advertising dollars.

Market Intelligence

As members of the worlds top SEO mastermind we always stay one step ahead of the competition and you will too.


“Matt from Oregon Web Solutions has become a force when it comes to professional SEO's. He has been taught by the best and his work shows that. He also cares about you and your company and prides himself in delivering results. His company (Oregon Web Solutions) can definetely help your business grow to new heights online. I highly recommend him”

Derek IwasiukCEO Engage the Crowd

“Matt has become a highly skilled SEO in a short amount of time. He not only cares about your business and ranking it higher in Google, but he cares about you as well. Your in good hands with Matt and Oregon Web Solutions”

Joshua Fletcher Owner at Search Explosion

“Traditionally we have sold our sauces in retail stores and through food distribution companies. Oregon Web Solutions helped us build an e-commerce website and get our products listed on Amazon. We greatly benefited from their services and our now receiving multiple orders per day on both our website and Thanks again.”

Terry MorriseyCEO Keli’s Sauce Co

“Oregon Web Solutions is a good company to work with and they have greatly benefited our company.”

Jaton EnochCedar Homes LLC

“These guys are top notch SEO's who helped my firm get the Google map pack rankings we needed. I'm not sure how they do it, but my listing quickly moved into the #1 position. if you want to rank higher in Google hire Oregon Web Solutions.”

Berenice MadisonRestaurant Owner

Oregon Web Solutions Construction and Contractor SEO Services

Getting more traffic sounds like a great idea right? But why choose us is a better question. There are thousands of companies these days that “claim” to be professional contracting SEO's and can drive traffic to your website (I get the emails daily as well from people telling me they can rank my websites in Google). So what makes us different?

  • History
  • Results
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Construction Experience

My name is Matt and I am typically the guy behind the scenes doing a lot of the tech work. This wasn't always the case. Before co-founding this company I was a successful general contractor for 18 years. My Dad was also a successful contractor for 45 years (which is how I got into the business and I then retired when he did). We did everything from $20 services calls up the street to help someone out, to building 4 million dollar custom oceanfront homes. There seemed to be no area of construction that I haven't seen or been a part of. Because of this, I have a very strong grasp and understanding of not just construction and Contractor SEO for construction companies, but everything involved with it.

By no means am I here to brag, what I would like to get across is that I understand the industry more than most agencies ever will due to my history. Because of this, marketing construction becomes much less complicated. We have already helped multiple contractors across the United States increase their traffic and sales successfully. We have landed jobs for clients that have covered our fees 10x over. The value is tremendous and I wish I knew about this when I was in business.

Important Questions To Ask And Consider

How is your construction companies online presence? It is now more important than ever to make sure your company is visible online through Google, Bing, and the other leading search engines. In the next 5-years the majority of advertising will move online, and now is the time to position your company for success online.

The problem is most general contractors are too busy on the job with projects to put the required amount of focus into their online marketing. In order to be successful online, you need have a great website, content, social media presence, and a fully optimized Google Business Listing. If all of these online assets are not working together harmoniously, then you are going to be leaving money on the table. When potential customers are looking for a product or service that you sell, one of the first things they will do is search Google to find a potential contractor. It’s critical now and in the future that you not only come up in the top of Google, but also that your website looks professional and converts.

Here are some of the main areas you should focus on for your construction company to help create growth:

1. Social Media Marketing
Social media is the primary way the people find new businesses, and this is especially true for construction companies. Your online image is how potential clients will decide whether or not they'll be using your services, so it's essential that you make that first impression a good one. Here are a few tips to improve your construction company's social media marketing strategies.

2. Content Creation
The good news is that your position as a construction company will mean that you have industry knowledge that many people are desperately seeking. To make the most of this know-how, it's wise to create content that will both educate readers while drawing in sales.

For example, you may decide to write an article titled “5 Plumbing Jobs Not to DIY,” and fill the article with useful information for your readers. This way you've drawn them in with in-demand knowledge that they didn't have while simultaneously telling them when they'll need your services. Part of creating quality construction content, however, is mastering construction SEO.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Or SEO as we call it, is the key to how customers will find your web content in organic search results. The short version is that search engines like Google use a complex algorithm to determine what comes up first in a search, and the more industry-related keywords you fit in, the higher you'll be in that search.

Let's use the above example of “5 Plumbing Jobs Not to DIY.” When writing this article, you might want to work in some obvious keywords like “plumbing,” “pipes” or “septic.” These would be basic construction SEO keywords and likely to have a lot of competition for the first page of results, so you may want to add in long-tailed keywords like “plumbing done right” or “avoiding plumbing accidents.” The general rule of thumb with long-tailed keywords is that they'll appear primarily in niche searches, but there will be less competition so your content is more likely to be seen.

4. Professional Website

Your social media marketing will drive customers to look at your website, and you'll need them to have a positive reaction when they do. Make yourself unique from other construction sites by including an “About Us” page with details about who you are, the history of your business and what makes you special.

Additionally, you'll need to have some basic information on topics like what services you offer, where you do business, etc. This may seem obvious, but failing to mention even one of your offered services could mean that you're automatically turning down hundreds of potential clients. Treat your website the same way you'd treat the interior of a real-life store by making sure it's clean and organized for potential customers.

Also, make sure that you have your web designers create a mobile friendly website. This could really hurt you in Google rankings if you don’t

We Offer A No Compete Clause For Local Contractors

We only accept you on as a client if we are not already working with another contractor in the same city (like Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Etc..) or area so that we are not cross-competing. This is for your protection in the end. If a contract ends at any point, that market is then opened back up.

How We Can Make Marketing Easier

Contractor marketing can seem intimidating and overwhelming for most construction companies. That’s why at Oregon Web Solutions | Contractor SEO Experts, we specialize in construction company SEO ( search engine optimization ) so you can focus on running your business. In business, online marketing is best outsourced to a company that understands how to be successful. If you are ready to move forward, just fill out the Oregon Web Solutions Discovery Form to get started today.

SEO For Contractors

Contractors SEO is so necessary these days. It could mean the difference between your success and failure. If your contracting company is not getting leads online or through a contractors website, then where are they coming from? What if your current lead source dries up? 

Having an online presence can give you and endless stream of leads in the good times and the bad. Optimizing your website for local search with an contractor SEO Agency can change your business forever. 

The great thing about construction business leads is that it only takes one good lead to pay for any and all local SEO costs. Contractor SEO is not inexpensive, but well worth the cost in the end. 

If you are curious about SEO pricing, reach out to us or use the “Get Started” button at the top of the page or just give us a call at (503) 563-3028.

Contractors And Companies We Service:

General Contractors

Roofing Contractors

HVAC Contractors

Plumbing Contrators

Siding Contractors

Electrical Contractors

Painting Contractors

Concrete Contractors

And more….

Be sure to ask us about our management for contractors services as well. 

Construction Website Design

One of our in house services is creating a mobile friendly WordPress websites. Why is a mobile website so important? For one, it is a high ranking factor in Google search. The other is that most people search from their phone, you will want to be sure to have proper online visibility to all searches. 

Why WordPress? WordPress is one of the most loved by Google and controllable website structures there are. There is a reason why 55% of companies use WordPress. Also, if you ever need to make adjustments on your website, WordPress is widely known so finding someone to help is easy. 

We also offer website redesign if you have a current website to help it with conversions and search engine optimization for contractors of all kinds. 

Another ranking factor in Google’s eyes is having proper schema implemented on your website. This can be very complicated and confusing, but we offer it as part of or web designs and re-designs. 


Let's give your business the attention it deserves

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