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Clients we’ve worked with

“I’ve been working with Oregon web solutions for about a year now, the guys were great! They put together a website for me to give me a website presence that we didn’t have previously. Since the websites gone live we’ve had tremendous traffic, lots of phone calls, and we’re ranked in the top 3 for most of our searches which is a lot more than we were expecting. I would highly recommend working with these guys, the results are there! They do fantastic work and they know how to work with contractors.”

“I was fortunate enough to meet Seth and Matt from Oregon Web Solutions years ago when they were teaching local marketing. When they taught, I was thinking I need to be near these guys! They have amazing knowledge and information bout local marketing and their energy was electric! I contacted them and they were able to help me out with my website traffic and helped me get the exposure I was looking for to be a successful mind, body, health coach. Now, i’m able to reach the people that need to be reached for my services and I’m so grateful for that! Thanks so much for everything you’ve down and I really appreciate your knowledge and energy!”

“I have a service business that had some vexing Google problems. Oregon Web Solutions went behind the scenes and solved the long-standing obstacles to growth. Then they proceeded to help me move up the organic rankings, and I’m now getting calls from prospective clients who start by saying things like, “I saw your ratings, and I’d like to talk with you about valuing and selling my business.” On top of that, I can talk to Seth and Matt any time I want to! Highly recommended.”

“Oregon Web Solutions is a good company to work with and they have greatly benefited Cedar Homes. When we started working with Oregon Web Solutions we had no presence in Google or any other search engine for that matter. After a 6-month campaign we were able to greatly increase our website hits and reach new customers. Thanks for everything. ”

“Matt from Oregon Web Solutions has become a force when it comes to professional SEO’s. He has been taught by the best and his work shows that. He also cares about you and your company and prides himself in delivering results. His company (Oregon Web Solutions) can definetely help your business grow to new heights online. I highly recommend him”

“Matt has become a highly skilled SEO in a short amount of time. He not only cares about your business and ranking it higher in Google, but he cares about you as well. Your in good hands with Matt and Oregon Web Solutions”

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Oregon Web Solutions Contractor Marketing

Construction Marketing Agency

a picture of a construction marketing agency

When you look at all the other industries combined, you will find that the construction industry continues to lag behind in terms of online and internet marketing. Many firms operating in this arena are yet to fully identify with the benefits that come with having a robust online presence. In fact, very few companies actually have their own construction websites. 

Given the high level of competition that exists in this field, it is high-time that subcontractors and building contractors started becoming visible online. Reason being that construction clients, as is the case in all other fields, always begin by scoping out potential service providers online. This occurs before the client can make their initial contact with you. 

Regardless of whether your firm is involved in developing high-rise commercial developments, residential building projects, constructing roads, renovating historical structures, or even just a home builder, plumber, or electrician, it is critical that your company makes plans to develop a good web presence. This is something that will involve using web design, construction SEO and social media. 

Current Statistics 

A recent report from the CMA (Construction Marketing Association) indicates that close to 81.6 percent of companies in this particular trade have already made plans to boost their online profiles. And you can trust that Oregon Web Solutions will be here to help you achieve your internet marketing needs. 

Of the interviewed firms, 75.7% indicated that they were mainly focusing on the branding aspects. For these projects to work, it will be important for these firms to have a firm grasp of their client persona. They need to know how the people they are dealing with view the construction industry. 

Get to Choose How Oregon Web Solutions Can Assist Your Construction Business 

On average, all the clients we have worked with have been able to experience remarkable growth with the current figures standing at 75percent. Some of the services on offer at Oregon Web Solutions for constructions companies include: 

1. Construction Photography: Our marketing experts will help elevate your industry status by providing you with exceptional photography services that will help you tell a story to your clients. 

2. Pay Per Click Advertisements: PPC Ads will help ensure that your company is seen by the right people. We will not only ensure that your company gets seen, but that it is seen at the correct time, and using the right message. 

3. Construction Website Design: If you are to improve your overall online presence, then you will have no option but to spend on web design services. A modern and compelling website is one way to go about achieving this objective. Our in house web developers can help you design a website that will not just look good, but will convert as well. 

4. Web Marketing or Search Engine Optimization: How do you get clients to see your website and social media pages? By optimizing your content and using targeted keywords that will ensure that clients looking for construction services within the greater Oregon area get to come across your company in the search results pages. 

5. Proposal Development: The proposal you submit to a client after they have made their first contact can make or break that deal. You can enhance your chances of bagging the construction deal by using a proposal that has been professionally designed and written by our team. 

6. Social Media: Social networking has made it easier for construction companies to communicate their accomplishments to the rest of the world. It has also simplified the job recruiting process by a great deal. 

7. Reputation Management: As mentioned earlier, even if you gain your clients offline, they will tend to go online to check you out! You want to make sure that you have a good presence online with little to no negative reviews. Your competition does not always play fair and it is a good idea to guard yourself against negative reviews and news by filling the first page of brand search with your own properties (websites). This is something our professional SEO team does for our clients all the time. 

a picture of OWS construction marketing firm agency

The Clients Served by Oregon Web Solutions

Oregon Web Solutions solely focusses on companies working within the construction and building industry. Our ability to specialize in this particular market has provided us with a deep understanding of how the industry works and the role played by its various members. 

The time we have spent with our clients has helped us get to know the various businesses well and also to get a good idea of the process they follow when making business-related decisions. This is the knowledge that we rely on when we are building a promotion or campaign for your construction company. 

We regularly channel our expertise into developing great traditional and online-based marketing campaigns for customers working in the various aspects of the production industry, such as: 

1. Construction Material Distributors 

As a material distributor, it is upon you to make sure that all the job sites that have been entrusted to you are running as smoothly as possible. You can, therefore, make it simpler for clients to contract your services by making it easier for them to find your company as well as the products that you offer. 

Oregon Web Solutions will come up with a good marketing approach that helps you connect with your clients. By doing this, you will also have a better chance of supplying the clients with the data that they require for them to make a comprehensive buying decision. 

2. Fabricators and Manufacturers 

Every good product rolling from an assembly line requires an excellent marketing approach as well as a good website that will help tell the clients a story that can motivate them to make a purchase. We have a very good understanding of this industry, having worked with various firms over the years. 

We are, therefore, conversant with the factors that motivate a client to purchase a construction material from a certain company and not their competition. This is the knowledge that Oregon Web Solutions seeks to use to come up with a compelling manufacturing story that helps highlight the capabilities and strength of your end products. 

3. Managers and General Contractors 

How do you stand out from the other companies operating in your region? By deploying a good print and online marketing campaign that helps in clearly communicating the strengths possessed by your company. We understand that there exists a very complex relationship between construction managers, the design teams, and the owners. 

We will, therefore, come up with a marketing approach that will clearly help in demonstrating the methods used by your construction company to coordinate phasing, subcontractors and construction materials while at the same time ensuring that the project remains on schedule and within the budget constraints. 

4. Subcontractors 

It is always important for a subcontractor to make sure that their professionalism and capabilities are truly and professionally reflected. A good way to ensure that the efforts of the team members on the ground are captured is by using a modern website. The site will be used to showcase the team’s capabilities as well as its field accomplishments. This will in the long run help enhance and bolster your reputation in the local construction community as well as help draw-in more clients to your business. 

Bottom Line 

OWS is a contractor marketing and construction marketing agency based in Portland, OR. We provide numerous services such as fast web hosting, mobile-friendly web design, directory submission, link building, website design, and search engine optimization. 

At OWS, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients get as much exposure as possible. For this reason, we have a number of offices which include Vancouver (WA), Portland SEO, Lake Oswego (OR), Hillsboro (OR), Eugene (OR), Bend (OR) and Beaverton, OR to name a few. For more information on our services, contact us via email: [email protected] or call our offices via (503) 563-3028. We are here to help and excel in marketing for construction companies.

Some Of Our Other Local SEO Services Include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Consulting
  • PPC Management

Marketing services we provide

Search Engine Optimization

The SEO landscape is constantly changing, that’s why you need a company that stays up to date on the newest trends.  At Oregon Web Solutions, we focus exclusively on and will only use “white hat” techniques that will safely and consistently help your website rank higher.


Website Design

Our wold-class website development services can give your business a professional online presence. Studies show that a high-quality website can help bring in more customers and growth to your business. Our experienced team of WordPress and Shopify developers can help give your business a digital face lift.

High-Quality Linkbuilding

Great search engine optimization involves building high-quality backlinks.  The new Google updates have actually penalized websites for poor or spammy links therefore we focus on quality backlinks from pages with high page authority.


Business Directories

Business directories are one of the most overlooked aspects in Search Engine Optimization. Submitting your website to different search engines and directories can greatly help your rankings.

Advertising Campaigns

If your business is looking for rapid growth, social media advertising can help you achieve this. The combination of a strong social media ad campaign and website retargeting campaign can help your business rapidly scale.  Our team of experts can help you craft the perfect campaign for rapid growth.


Blazing Fast Web Hosting

In the list of our services we also offer high speed hosting. The importance of a fast host cannot be overstated.  Quicker loads times will reduce bounce rates and keep customers on your site for longer.  Over time Google will recognize this and rank your website better.

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