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If you’re like most business owners, you probably wear a lot of hats. You’re the accountant, the marketer, the salesperson, the customer service representative, and more. And while wearing all those hats is excellent for learning about all aspects of your business, it can also be a bit overwhelming. That’s where an inbound marketing agency can come in and help. An inbound marketing agency can take on some of those responsibilities for you to focus on what you do best running your business! Here are some reasons to use an inbound marketing agency:

Increased Traffic

One of the primary benefits of using an inbound marketing agency is that it can help to increase traffic to your website. Inbound marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on creating and distributing content that is relevant to your target audience. Creating engaging and valuable content can attract more visitors to your website, leading to more sales and conversions. In addition, an inbound marketing agency can help you create a more effective marketing strategy, improving your overall ROI. Some other benefits of working with an inbound marketing agency include tracking and measuring results, access to expert knowledge and resources, and a team of experienced professionals who can help you achieve your marketing goals. If you are looking for a way to improve your online presence and increase traffic to your website, an inbound marketing agency may be the right solution for you.

Improved SEO

Marketing Agency Another benefit of using an inbound marketing agency is that it can help to improve your website’s SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your website for search engines. The better your SEO, the higher your website will rank in the search results, which means more people will see and visit your site. Inbound marketing can help to improve your website’s SEO by providing quality content, backlinks, and social media engagement. An inbound marketing agency can also help to create and implement an effective marketing strategy. A good marketing strategy will include a mix of online and offline marketing tactics. Offline marketing tactics may include print ads, direct mail, and television commercials. Online marketing tactics may include pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. A good marketing strategy will use these tactics to reach the broadest possible audience. Inbound marketing can also help to improve your brand’s reputation. Your brand is the face of your business, and it is essential to ensure that your brand is seen positively. An inbound marketing agency can help you create and implement a branding strategy to improve how people perceive your business. Inbound marketing can also help to build trust between you and your customers. Customers who feel like they can trust you are more likely to do business with you.

More Leads

Inbound marketing can also help you to generate more leads. A lead is someone who has shown interest in your product or service by providing their contact information. Creating compelling content can encourage more people to offer their knowledge, which can be used for sales and marketing purposes. By creating shareable content that promotes your brand, you can reach a larger audience and get your name out there. This can ultimately lead to more sales and customers. If you are not already using inbound marketing, now is the start. It is an effective way to reach more people, generate leads, and create brand awareness. Implementing an inbound marketing strategy can help you to achieve your business goals. If you need help getting started with inbound marketing, contact a marketing agency specializing in this type. They can help you develop a strategy and get started with creating content. Inbound marketing is a powerful tool that can help you to reach your target audience and achieve your business goals. Get started today and see the results for yourself.

Better Conversion Rates

Marketing Agency Another benefit of using an inbound marketing agency is that it can help to improve your conversion rate. The conversion rate is the percentage of people who take the desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. The higher your conversion rate, the more successful your business will be. An inbound marketing agency can help you increase your conversion rate by providing high-quality content relevant to your target audience. This content will help persuade people to take the desired action, ultimately leading to more sales and customers. Inbound marketing agencies can also help you to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it appears higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). This will help you attract more website visitors, leading to more sales and customers. An inbound marketing agency can help you improve your SEO by providing high-quality content relevant to your target audience. This content will help persuade people to click on your website, leading to more traffic and customers.

Lower Costs

Inbound marketing is also generally less expensive than other types of marketing, such as traditional advertising or pay-per-click advertising. This is because you are not paying for ad space or clicks; instead, you are investing time and resources into creating quality content that organically attracts visitors to your site. Inbound marketing can help you attract visitors to your site who are already interested in what you have to offer. This means that they are more likely to convert into leads or customers, saving you money in the long run. Overall, inbound marketing is a more efficient and effective way to market your business online. You can save money and generate more leads and customers by creating quality content and attracting visitors organically.

Increased Brand Awareness

Marketing Agency An inbound marketing agency can also help increase your business’s brand awareness. Brand awareness refers to how familiar people are with your brand and what they think when they see it. You can raise brand awareness and build trust with potential customers by creating high-quality content and getting it in front of as many people as possible. An inbound marketing agency can also help you to create a sales funnel. A sales funnel is the potential process customers go through when considering buying a product or service. By creating compelling content and making it easy for people to find, you can increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase.


Welcome to Oregon Web Solutions. We are a full-service marketing agency based in Oregon. We offer a wide range of services to help businesses grow and succeed online. We specialize in SEO, PPC, social media, web design, and more. Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you take your business to the next level!

If you’re an Oregon business, it’s essential to ensure your website is optimized for Google. According to recent studies, Google has a commanding lead in the search engine market. 79% of online searchers use Google as their primary search engine. So if you’re not optimizing your site for Google, you’re losing out on many potential traffic and customers.

Understand How Google Works

The first step to optimizing your site for Google is to understand how Google works. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, but the basics remain the same. Google uses several factors to rank websites, including the quality of the content, the number of backlinks, and the user experience. By understanding how Google works, you can make sure that your website is designed in a way that will help it to rank higher in search results.

One of the most important things to understand about Google is that it is a business. Google’s ultimate goal is to make money, and it does this by selling advertising. When you use Google to search for something, you are seeing results that have been determined by an algorithm designed to show you results that are relevant to your search and that will also interest advertisers. This means that, while Google does take into account the quality of your website’s content, it is also looking at other factors that will determine whether or not your site is a good fit for an advertiser.

Do Your Keyword Research



Another essential step in optimizing your site for Google is to do your keyword research. Keyword research is finding the right keywords to target for your website. When choosing keywords, you want to select ones that are relevant to your business and have a high search volume. However, you also want to avoid too competitive keywords, making it difficult for your website to rank high in search results.

The best way to do keyword research is to use a tool like Google Keyword Planner. This tool will allow you to see the average monthly search volume for various keywords and the competition level for each keyword. This will help you choose the right keywords for your website. In addition to doing your keyword research, you must ensure that your website is optimized for your target keywords. This means adding the keywords to your website’s title, meta tags, and content. You can also use Google’s Webmaster Tools to help you with this process

Optimize Your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Once you have chosen the right keywords, you need to optimize your title tags and meta descriptions. Your title tag is the text that appears in the search results when someone searches for one of your keywords. Your meta description is the text under your title tag in the search results. Both elements should be optimized for your chosen keywords to help your website rank higher in search results.

To optimize your title tags and meta descriptions, you must ensure they are relevant to your target keywords. You also need to make sure they are appealing and eye-catching to encourage people to click on your website in the search results. Additionally, your title tags and meta descriptions should be unique to avoid being penalized by search engines for duplicate content. Your content should be informative, engaging, and helpful to encourage people to stay on your website and read it. Additionally, your content should be keyword-rich to help your website rank higher in search results.

Use Heading Tags wisely.


Heading tags are another essential element of on-page optimization. Heading tags are used to structure the content on your website and make it easy for users to scan through your content. Heading tags should be used wisely, as too many heading tags can hurt your website’s ranking. The best way to use heading tags is to break up your content into smaller sections so users can easily find what they’re looking for.

In addition to using heading tags to structure your content, you should also use them to optimize your website for keywords. Using keywords in your headings will help search engines understand what your website is about and rank it accordingly. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t stuff keywords into your titles. Not only will this irritate your users, but it will also get you penalized by search engines. Instead, use keywords sparingly and ensure they fit naturally into your headings.

Optimize Your Images

Images are another essential element of on-page optimization. All images on your website should be optimized with relevant keywords and alt text. Alt text is the text that appears when an image cannot be displayed. It is essential to optimize your images because Google cannot index images, so they rely on alt text to understand what an image is about.

In addition to optimizing your images and ensuring that your website uses responsive design. Responsive design is a type of design that allows your website to adapt to the device that it is being viewed on. This is important because more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. If your website is not using a responsive design, it will not be able to adjust appropriately to mobile devices, which will hurt your ranking on Google. Finally, you need to make sure that your website is fast. Google prefers websites that load quickly, so you need to do everything you can to ensure that your website loads quickly. There are a few things that you can do to improve the speed of your website, such as using a content delivery network and optimizing your images.

Create High-Quality Content



One of the most important things you can do to optimize your site for Google is to create high-quality content. This means creating informative and well-written articles, blog posts, and web pages that provide value to users. It’s also 

Necessary to ensure that all your content is original and not copied from other sources. Google penalizes websites that contain duplicate content, so it’s essential to avoid this if you want your website to rank well in search results.

In addition to creating high-quality content, another important factor in ranking well on Google is to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. With more and more people using smartphones and tablets to access the internet, ensuring that your website is designed for these devices is essential. You can do this by using responsive design or creating a separate mobile version of your website. Finally, another important factor in ranking well on Google is to have a strong backlink profile. This means having other websites link to your website. The more high-quality links you point to your site, the higher your site will rank in search results.

Promote Your Content

Once you have created high-quality content, you need to promote it. You can enable your content in several ways, including social media, email marketing, and paid advertising. The most important thing is to get as many people as possible to see your content.

One way to promote your content is to use social media. Share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. This will help to get your content in front of a large audience. You can also use email marketing to promote your content. Send out an email with a link to your latest post or video. Finally, you can use paid advertising to reach even more people. Paid advertising can be effective, but it can also be expensive. Choose the right platform for your budget and goals.


Oregon Web Solutions is a premier marketing agency located in Oregon. We offer a wide range of services to help businesses grow and succeed online. From website design and development to online marketing and SEO, we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you grow your business.

INK Games Partners With Oregon Web

Since the first video game hit the market in the early 1970s, the world has been captivated by the virtual reality they can provide. INK Games is on the fast track to becoming the biggest gaming company on the planet – and for good reason. Founded in 2018, INK Games and their founders have experience in the gaming world-spanning much farther than the year since launching their newest venture. The Oregon Web Solutions team is excited to partner with this innovative company and work towards taking over the video gaming world.

The video game landscape is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Have you ever heard of the game Fortnite? Ya know, the virtual world that captivated people around the globe, surpassing Minecraft as one of the most popular games ever released? Well, that game alone generated over $2.4 Billion in revenue in 2018 and was just released in July of 2017. Following in a close second was League of Legends with over $1.4 Billion in 2018, and Pokemon GO with $1.3 Billion in revenue that same year. In 2019, it is projected that the global games market will eclipse $150 billion – a whopping 13% year over year growth streak. Subscription-based gaming is on the rise and there is no end in sight as the digital landscape continues to advance at an increasingly rapid rate.

Coming together to build one of the best teams in the corporate world of video games was INK’s first task. Made up of some of the most notable gaming professionals, INK Games is on the fast track to dominating the gaming space. Notable accomplishments include helping establish EA in the social gaming space, and founding Diluted Studios which was ultimately bought by Zynga, launching Zynga Slots generating over $150 Million in 2015. The INK team is also known for making up the founding team of Buffalo Studios, the creator of Bingo Blitz – the industries #1 bingo game for over 7 years generating over $200,000 a day. Other notable projects include Sims 3, Marvel games, Pokemon games, and Avengers Alliance games. These guys know there is money to be made and Oregon Web Solutions is here to help.

INK Games believes the gaming world has a problem and we know our team has a solution. As of now, there is really no way for gamers and users to get paid for their following and, sometimes massive viral reach they have incurred. Veteran gamers themselves, INK Games knows that gamers want gamified, global platforms to monetize the influence they have created – after all, some gamers dedicate their daily lives exclusively to gaming. With their new proposal, influencers and users can monetize their following and viral reach. Through this, users can rightfully be paid for their part in helping grow some of the worlds largest networks. Offering influencers and gamers what others can’t, INK Games surpasses even the world’s largest gaming platforms in all that they can offer to users.

In comes our newest venture – World of Influence. Described as “Pokemon Go meets Monopoly” World of Influence allows users to get paid for building a virtual world. With no cap on earnings, users can collect revenues based on viral reach and in-game purchases. How is this possible you may ask? World of Influence creators built this game to allow users to purchase their real-life area codes so that as the World of Influence grows, territory owners can earn rewards based on activity within their territories. Gaming has already undoubtedly captured the eyes and minds of millions across the globe. INK Games and Oregon Web Solutions are looking forward to bringing gamers the most lucrative gaming system on the market. Interested in learning more about our latest venture? Simply click here for more information.

a picture of the top seo trends in 2018

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or online asset. In theory, improving online visibility should increase visitors and potential customers to a website. In turn, increasing revenue for the company. There’s a large variety of tactics used in this process including on-site and off-site methods depending on your desired end result. While SEO is constantly changing, the value of the service increases as more people transition into a digital life. In fact, of all traffic channels, organic search from Google continues to be the highest converting source making it critical to the success of any business. Introducing the 10 SEO Trends in 2018 infographic.

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization

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While these 10 trends are in no particular order, it’s important to note that some factors due carry a higher weight than others in the Google algorithms. At Oregon Web Solutions, our job is to constantly study and test to figure out what works and what doesn’t. From our research in 2018 the #1 ranking factor is engagement on your website. This means real people visiting and interacting with your website is the #1 thing you can do to improve your overall rankings. This should include a combination or referral sources including direct URL type-ins, high-quality referral traffic, Google search, and social media referral traffic. The key is to receive a good balance of the four different traffic sources above. Keeping in mind that a local business or company should work to strike a balance between all 10 SEO trends. The 10 trends for 2018 are social media strategy, long-form content, video SEO, image SEO, featured snippets, voice search to access content, mobile SEO, Secure Site SSL upgrades, understanding searcher intent, and website speed. Taking a balanced approach to implementing these items on your site will improve your companies online visibility today and into the future. If you have any questions about the Top 10 SEO Trends please leave a comment below.

Social Media Marketing Trends

Social Media Marketing Trends 2018

Social media platforms are changing every day, which means that Social Media Marketing is changing too. You may or may not be aware, for example, that Facebook recently added a “Stories” option, which is similar to the feature previously offered by Instagram (among others). Social media and advertising and marketing trends are changing rapidly, too.

Here are five of the biggest Social Media Marketing trends you should watch for in 2017 & going into 2018 (as well as a few tips on how to personalize them for your business, website, band, or whatever you’re trying to promote).

1. Moving Away from Twitter

In recent years, Twitter has been in a slow decline. Many analysts have even predicted a slow demise for the one-time social media giant. While Twitter will likely survive, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to find any positive references to Twitter if you search the web for Social Media Marketing Trends 2017.

What happened? Twitter was originally built on real-time, quick-to-read updates. Unfortunately, Twitter’s original appeal isn’t as exciting anymore now that users crave longer, more in-depth posts and content. In addition to controversies regarding censorship and security, Twitter clearly needs to overhaul their game plan if they want to remain viable in the years to come.

2. New Approaches to Creating Inspirational, Emotional Content

There’s a reason Facebook adopted “reactions” to replace simple “likes” (you can even react to comments now); allowing users to react let’s them share their specific feelings about a post or a piece of content, and not just the fact that they noticed it.

What does this mean for your business’s Social Media Marketing? Well, one of the biggest recent Social Media Marketing Trends is a shift toward more emotionally engaging content. Increasingly, marketers need to be sharing not just a message, but a story. Something inspirational, something adorable, maybe even just something that’s downright funny. Why is this so important? Well, content that provokes strong emotions increases content’s “spreadability”, and consequently improves your brand awareness as well.

3. Oh, Snap!

What a difference a few years can make. The one-time scrappy upstart Snapchat has gone from a relatively-popular platform to a position where they now stand a chance at becoming more relevant than Twitter. What’s behind the spark in popularity? Their adaptability, for one.

Recently Snapchat completely changed their format and even their name–they’re now known simply as: Snap. What are their goals for the future? Focusing on what they do best: in-the-moment and live content, including the introduction of vertical videos.

Snap is reportedly also working on some exciting product development, including glasses that will allow Snap’s users to share high-resolution visual information in real-time. Naturally, these changes and new opportunities have marketing professionals champing at the bit. Their new style promises to be one of the most-watched this year in Social Media Marketing.

4. Increased Choosiness from Businesses

Although new platforms show up seemingly every day, most of them don’t succeed on a global level. As more marketers realize this, expect to see a trend towards greater choosiness when it comes to social media platforms.

For many businesses, it’s redundant and even wasteful to market on more than one platform. Consequently, many are predicting that in years to come, business should focus all of their online marketing efforts only on the platforms that have a proven success rate.

5. More Experience-Based Marketing

There’s an increasing demand for social media to be more immersive, providing a sort of vicarious experience for users. In the simplest terms, it’s no longer enough for you to post about an event–you need to take users into the experience by live-posting, or even by using a 360-degree video. We predict that this will be one of the most noticeable shifts when it comes to Social Media Marketing Trends 2017.

How Will You Make These Trends Your Own?

Now that you’re aware of some of the Social Media Marketing Trends 2018, the question remains: how can you take advantage of these trends to tell your brand’s story? Here are a few tips.

What’s your brands “story”? Are you socially engaged? Are you outdoorsy? Let your customers know what you’re about!

Do you have events that you can live-post?

Which social media platform has had the highest marketing success rate for your business?

We wish you the best of luck creating your own Social Media Marketing Trends!

If you need help with any of your social media, you can contact us here, or call us at (503) 563-3028 to find out how we can help you grow.

Instagram Stories Vs Snapchat

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat for Business?

Instagram just launched a new platform very similar to Snapchat called Instagram Stories. Like Snapchat, Instagram Stories allows you to post short videos and photos to your Instagram followers that will self delete in 24 hours. The format is almost identical to Snapchat but with less filter options. For business owners, this new feature breaths new life into your Instagram account by allowing you connect with your followers in a more casual format than posting to your profile. In this video I discuss the pros and cons of the two platforms.

From our testing we have noticed our Instagram Stories posts are being viewed by 10% of our followers, which is a much better conversion rate than Facebook.  Another great feature is it keeps business owners from having to build up yet another social media account by combining Snapchat features onto Instagram.

how to use instagram stories

How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Research had suggested that over the last few years the amount of Instagram posts had dropped by almost 50%.  The reason was that your Instagram profile is usually your best content, and many users were afraid to post unless they had a really good photo or video.  Instagram stories gives business owners to share behind the scenes and low-quality content to their followers that otherwise would be unseen.  Now, your Instagram profile can be reserved for your best images and videos, while staying connected with your followers daily through Instagram Stories.  Many have criticized Instagram for copying Snapchat, and I agree that’s what has happened here, but nevertheless this is a great tool for business owners.  Snapchat developed the best system for capturing quick and spontaneous content and Instagram capitalized on it.  For example, if you own a restaurant you could post short videos of your kitchen, bar, or dining room throughout the day giving your followers a behind the scenes perspective.  Video production companies can use Instagram Stories to showcase behind the scenes of their video shoots and adventures.  Small business owners can stay connected with customers by revealing hot discounts and specials on Instagram Stories and nowhere else.  This tactic would help you build a larger Instagram following and increase brand loyalty at the same time.  The possibilities for business owners is endless and it’s up to you to decide the best approach for your niche and company.


New Instagram Features and View Count

Another great feature is the ability to see how many people have viewed your story.  Plus, Instagram now gives you the ability to see who has viewed your story.  One interesting thing we found was that the people who viewed our story were not the same people who like our photos.  Data suggests a large amount of people scroll through photos and videos on Instagram but don’t actually engage with the post.  Unlike the Instagram feed where you can like or comment on photos, Instagram Stories can only be viewed.  The user does have the option to send you a private message, but nobody else viewing your feed would see the comment.

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat for Business Marketing

Recent data has suggested that Snapchat is the fastest growing social media platform in the world.  Unfortunately for business owners, Snapchat makes it hard to grow your following and connect with customers.  I believe this new Instagram update will bring a lot of people back to the platform who had become discouraged.  For me personally, I’m done with Snapchat for business and will be focusing the bulk of my social media efforts on the new stories feature.