Who Is InfluenceMine?

Being in the internet industry you would have to be living under a rock in the desert to have not heard about bitcoin or cryptocurrency. The boom is here and it is changing the way we will be dealing with money for the future to come.

Thus steps in Influence Mine. Green mining is a great way to go to save money and put less of a footprint on our environment for the future to come. Influence Mine has created a green mining process that will revolutionalize the way people mine for coins. Who wouldn’t want this? Not only that, but they are going to release a mobile app that will offer users to mine for any coin straight from their phone with little to no knowledge in mining required. This will be great to help people that are not educated in cryptocurrency to get involved and take part in the future.

InfluenceMine's CEO, Rob Towles

Having known Rob for some time, it is exciting to see him take his idea to the public. There couldn’t be a nicer guy with more genuine intentions to better the crypto community and help others get involved as in the past it has been a little confusing even just to buy any kind of coin. Rob has been a part of many successful releases and ventures in the past, but none that match where Influence looks to be heading.

This is a really exciting time in history and I’m excited to be able to share some of it with all of our readers.

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Update 5-22-18:

The new hopefull date of STO release is early July of 2018