5 Online Marketing Strategies To Increase Leads For Your Business

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5 online marketing stratagies

Have you ever felt frustrated by not getting enough leads on your website? Maybe your visitor count has reached a plateau, or worse, has gotten deep into the pit. Nevertheless, your business is still breathing and what’s most important is that you are still hopeful. What you need is a resurrection, a sudden boost that can skyrocket the amount of lead generation and sales acquisition on your website.

The push your business needs may come from one of the several online marketing strategies available in the industry. These marketing schemes contain different processes that result in unique solutions which all boils down into one general goal: to produce high quantity and high-quality leads. With that in mind, you can surely find one or more online marketing strategies that are the right fit with your business goals and aspirations. This is the time to step out of your comfort zone and see how successful online businesses and top-searched websites have been doing it, all with the help of general contractors and service providers who are experts in this field. 

“The only prerequisite in getting your success is that you have to be open for change.”

To help you decide on the things you would like to improve, listed below are 5 of the most effective online marketing strategies general contractors usually do to their clients that enhance their websites to produce more leads and convert them into loyal customers.

1. Upgrade Your Website Quality

Quality assurance is an important step in the process flow of manufacturing any product. Even in running an online business and website, ensuring that everything released is in excellent condition must be a top priority. Let the consumers feel that you value their time and money by keeping the quality of your website seriously, starting from the web design and user interface up to the tiny product details and content.

Upgrading the quality of your website is made easy with the help of web designers and content creators who can transform your page inside and out. Web designers are equipped with the technical and creative skills to build an aesthetically pleasing webpage with a simple layout and a crisp interface that is optimized and quick to navigate on. Their service will give your website a total makeover, making it more inviting and enjoyable to explore.

On the other hand, content creators focus on delivering engaging and moving materials on your newly designed website. It may be the beauty of your webpage that attracted and spiked the interest of the consumers, but it is the high-quality content that can get them hooked and convinced in buying your products and services. Your content should be worth reading, as it is with your products that must be worth buying. Remember that an overall upgrade will only work if you focus on improving the quality of both your web design and released content.

2. Get Onboard with SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a marketing strategy that generates organic traffic to your website. The ultimate goal of SEO is to place your page on top of search engine result pages of prominent search engines such as Google and Bing. Especially with Google, SEO experts observe and study the different algorithms that their search engine crawlers (spiders or bots) use as criteria to collect, rank, and index result pages. 

By effectively placing keywords or phrases that are usually used for typing web queries into your content, you will be able to help your website rank higher and produce more leads. Keywords help search engine crawlers understand the data coming from your page. SEO experts are also capable of adding schema markup to the code of your website to translate your content better to the binary language of these crawlers. In this way, when a web query matches the data that your webpage offers, the crawlers, reading through your keywords and markups, will be able to place your page on top of the result pages.

What is more remarkable about SEO is the quality of leads that it produces. When your search engine results are optimized, customers who are looking for the actual solution that you provide will be able to click and visit your website. These are high-quality leads who are very much interested in the products and services that you offer, allowing them to type a specific query about it in Google. You can improve your sales and close more deals with the help of a Search Engine Optimization Expert.

3. Expand Your Network with Links

The Google search algorithm is more than just keywords and schema markup. One important factor included in this algorithm is the number of backlinks that your website has. These are links from other websites that redirect back to your page when clicked. A high amount of backlinks practically means that your content is trustworthy enough to be a resource material for the works of other websites. Having these external links is crucial in expanding your network and ultimately in lead generation.

Keywords and phrases are still essential parameters in getting these links. They must be strategically placed in a way that emphasizes the key points and should not be abusively used all over the page. Be careful in repeating these keywords since the flow and quality of your content are still greater priorities. Other than keywords, collaborating with other businesses and websites for mutual benefits is a possible avenue to strengthen your network and receive higher backlinks.

Several SEO experts who specialize in increasing website backlinks can help you start and grow your network. They can optimize your website and create content that is designed to be cited by others. With their SEO skills and knowledge, these experts can get you the referral traffic that you need to bump up your website performance. 

4. Improve Your Customer Service

Good customer service is a great tool for lead conversion. After getting visitors to flock your website and letting them invest their time on your content, you must make the final move by providing the highest quality of customer service that you can give. Building customer relationships may come from patronizing different kinds of applications and service providers who can help you close the gap between you and your customers.

For example, by installing a live chat application on your website, you can stay connected and appear committed 24/7 to your customers. Live chat can help you personally respond to the queries of your new customers and also reconnect with your former clients. You can receive direct feedback from the users and review them for further service improvements. Lastly, live chat applications are capable of collecting user data that can be analyzed to help you increase your website visibility and performance. Several live chat applications are now available for download and can be easily installed on your website as a separate plugin.

Customer reviews largely affect your online reputation and ranking. Despite having been given excellent customer service, some clients are just too picky in giving out 5-star ratings. In this case, building good customer relationships is just not enough. The cool thing is these general contractors also offer services that can guide your customers in providing healthy and positive reviews on your website. They can also scan and take out negative reviews that are beyond your control. In this way, you can focus on improving your customer service with constructive criticisms and easily shut down irrational comments and not feed the trolls.

5. Make It Work With Retargeting

Investing in online advertisements may cost you a fortune. Although ads are proven to be effective in lead generation, retargeting can help you to efficiently deploy your ads to those who have already interacted with your website. The concept is easy to understand. Those who have prior knowledge of your business and website pose a greater chance of buying and are therefore the kind of leads who you need to convince just a little more and must prioritize. It is an essential tool that can elevate your brand by increasing its visibility to those people that matter. By controlling the circle of people who can see your ads, you can effectively use your investment for lead generation and conversion.

Several failed accounts that did not mature into a sale will have a second chance by clicking your retargeted ads and will most likely be successful in purchasing your products in the end. After all, everything is sweeter the second time around. Retargeting allows you to bet on the leads who will give you the most chances of getting a return. This can also turn your website lurkers into active buyers, getting people within your sphere of influence onboard the lead conversion train. No one left behind. No opportunities wasted.

Retargeting ads are supported by different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Display Network. Several Social Media Experts can help you increase your reach and manage your ad investments wisely. These are experts who have mastered the ins and outs of social media, including the trends of how people behave and interact online. Knowing the patterns of your customer activity and how they reflect personal instincts and traits can help you to strategically promote your products and services online. They can help you understand your customers better so that you can cater more people into your website led by your advertisements.

These online marketing strategies are all effective lead generators that can surely put your website on top. Before choosing a technique to boost your performance, you must first learn what your business is all about and what it specifically needs to get into the right path. Good thing, Oregon Web Solutions offers a business analysis that can diagnose certain areas where your company needs improvement and the corresponding solutions that can be offered.

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Seth Morrisey

Seth Morrisey is the President and Co-Founder of Oregon Web Solutions. Seth has more than a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry and is a noted lecturer and teacher on local marketing tactics.

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